The Rambling Continues

It Will Remain As A Wish For Now

I finally had a DVD dinner date with the hubby over the weekend and we watched the movie called Here Comes The Boom. We felt like we’ve had the DVD since forever (exaggerating here, of course) and we only got around to watching it recently! Sheesh!

But anyway, I liked the movie because it reminded me of my junior high school days in the States.. the band/orchestra classes to be exact. I used to be first chair in the flute section, and was proud of it. It isn’t easy to be in first chair okay! I had to participate in constant ‘mini 1-on-1 competition’ with my fellow flute players in front of my music coach almost every week! But I managed to win everytime and held my first chair position. :)

WC have asked me several times why I didn’t take up playing my flute again. Answer is simple: I need to get my flute serviced, badly. No sound can come out of it now, it’s so sad!

Well okay, I admit I’ve kind of forgotten how to play it now, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it in no time after reading my music books again. All I need is to get my flute serviced and also buy a folding music stand at guitar center from somewhere here in KK and I’ll be all set!

Til then, this wish will stay as it is.. a wish. I’m too busy with so many things at the moment to take up, or rather retake another hobby. Oh well.

Interesting Weekend

My weekend was definitely an interesting one, in a painful way.

For the first time ever, I finally started to train for the upcoming Borneo International Marathon race! On Saturday, after some pushing and shoving in my head, I finally made the decision to do some training at Likas Complex.

I will be participating on the 10km run, but on Saturday, I only managed to do 4km of brisk walking.

Why only 4km?

Because I started late, and when I finished my 4th km, it got too dark and WC called, asking me to come back. Boo.

But still, after not working out in a long time, I was surprised to be able to do 4km continuously.. As in not stopping.. And still felt like I could do more kms too!

I think large part was due to all the upbeat music that I listened, which motivated me and kept me going. I think without the music, I ‘d be bored to death just walking around alone!

So I gotta take my last minute training seriously from now on, the final 2 weeks before the race. Wouldn’t wanna embarrass myself, you know?

Good luck to me! I can do this!

P.s. My calves hurt now. Urgh.

After So Long..

It feels like ages ago since I did a post in this blog.

Thank gawd it is free, otherwise I would just be paying for it blindly huh?

And I JUST noticed my other blog and WC’s blog has been offline for quite some time now. Haven’t paid my bills.. oops!

But I’ve been itching to get back to the blogging world, cuz I have SO much to blog about!

I gotta make that part of my New Year resolution come true, i.e. be active in blogging again.

Fingers crossed!

Monday Quote

I must remind myself this from time to time.

I keep forgetting :)